Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Don't Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski (Audiobook)

Hey Everyone,

I have another audiobook review for you!  This one was a pretty quick one!

From Goodreads:

Contemporary teen fiction with romance, secrets, scandals, and ESP from the author of Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn't Have). 

We weren't always like this.  We used to be average New York City high school sophomores.  Until our homeroom went for flu shots. We were prepared for some side effects.  Maybe a headache.  Maybe a sore arm.  We definitely didn't expect to get telepathic powers.  But suddenly we could hear what everyone was thinking.  Our friends.  Our parents.  Our crushes.  Now we all know that Tess is in love with her best friend, Teddy.  That Mackenzie cheated on Cooper.  That, um, Nurse Carmichael used to be a stripper.  

Since we've kept our freakish skill a secret, we can sit next to the class brainiac and ace our tests.  We can dump our boyfriends right before they dump us.  We know what our friends really think of our jeans, our breath, our new bangs.  We always know what's coming.  Some of us will thrive.  Some of us will crack.

None of us will ever be the same.

So stop obsessing about your ex.  We're always listening.

My Thoughts:

I originally read this one as an ARC back in 2014, shortly after it was first released.  I remember liking it just as much as I did this time around!  I really need to read more of Sarah Mlynowski's books!  I have one more of her's right now, Bras and Broomsticks, that I want to listen to as soon as I'm done with the one I started yesterday!  I read Bras and Broomsticks back during my sophomore year of high school I believe, so it has been ten years now!

Anyway, about Don't Even Think About it!  I really liked this audiobook!  Erin Spencer, the narrator of this one, was super good!  She did the voices great, especially since she put in charge of being over a dozen different characters throughout the book!

I found myself busting out laughing multiple times in the car on my to Student Teaching, work, and school.  When hearing Nurse Carmichael's thoughts at the beginning...OMG that was hilarious!

Mackenzie bothered me at times, just because I do not really understand cheaters.  Why they sabotage themselves like that?  But she really did try to make things work out between her and Cooper.

Tess, I liked a lot.  Being in love with your best friend, and hearing his thoughts, especially the thoughts that Teddy was having... That must suck!

Olivia, I loved how she grew over this book!  The telepathy really gave her some much-needed confidence!

It was really just hilarious hearing all the random thoughts going through everyone's minds!  Mainly, because I am sure that is totally what is going on in people's heads!

Overall Rating of the Audiobook:

I definitely recommend this one!  It is a fun easy listening piece, and will have laughing to whatever destination you're headed!

The Romance Bookie :)

Friday, March 10, 2017

Winter (#4 in the Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer (Audiobook)

Hello Everyone,

Because of my crazy schedule, switching between student teaching, school, and work, I have not had time to pick up a book in months.  I am counting down to when I get start again!  It is looking like towards the end of May, but then it also depends on my sanity at this point, because it is looking a little iffy at this point.  All I know, that this summer better involve some fun and relaxing time!  I am tired!

The only "fun" thing I have been able to do (and that depends on your definition of "fun"), is listen to audiobooks as I commute from home to student teaching, student teaching to work, and then at night make the hour long drive to school.  It has been a nice change, because to be honest as much as I had been a music lover before everything happened in my life, I have had a hard time listening to music since my dad passed away.  So audiobooks have been a nice change!

Anyway, I have been trying to read Winter since Christmas 2015!  Which is when my husband went out of his way, and went on a search to find me the most special edition he could find!  He tried eBay (which had copies on the ups of $400!), obviously we couldn't afford that, but then Barnes and Noble and Walmart only had the basic editions.  But then he went to Target and found a really beautiful edition containing pictures of all the characters inside the book cover.

It has been bumming me out for over a year now that I haven't had time to read Winter, because the Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite series!  It is just such an intense series, that you really need to have the concentration in order to read it!  Especially when it is the conclusion to the series!

So anyway, on to my review!

From Goodreads:

Princess Winter is admired by the Lunar people for her grace and kindness, and despite the scars that mark her face, her beauty is said to be even more breathtaking than that of her stepmother, Queen Levana.

Winter despises her stepmother, and knows Levana won't approve of her feelings for her childhood friend--the handsome palace guard, Jacin.  But Winter isn't as weak as Levana believes her to be and she's been undermining her stepmother's wishes for years.  Together with the cyborg mechanic, Cinder, and her allies, Winter might even have the power to launch a revolution and win a war that been raging for far too long.

Can Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter defeat Levana and find their happily ever afters?  Fans will not want to miss this thrilling conclusion to Marissa Meyer's national bestselling Lunar Chronicles series.

My Thoughts:

Wow, just wow! Marissa Meyer seriously knows how to tell a story!  Even if it is a story that has been told over and over again, she is able to put a spin on it, that makes its own unique tale!  Unbelievable!  I am sad that the series has come to an end, but happy to dig into Heartless, which has been sitting on my bookshelf since December (my 2016 Christmas book from my husband 💜).

Princess Winter is an interesting character.  I do not know if she is my favorite, to be honest, that goes to Cinder, but she was a great edition to the Lunar Chronicles.  She and Jacin, who was introduced before, are so sweet together.  Hearing Winter have her episodes was, I know this is weird to say, but good!  Rebecca Soler just sounded like she belonged in a padded room, which was exactly the type of situation Winter's state of mind was in!

My favorite part of this series has always been that we get to hear from all the characters!  Even though Winter is the main characters, I would say at least half the book is still about the others!

Marissa Meyer has put so much detail into this series, and it is honestly so incredible!

Then to the audiobook! OMG I LOVED IT!  Rebecca Soler is SO GOOD!  I am actually planning on borrowing the others from the library, because I had no idea that one person can be so many characters, and be so incredible at it!  Scarlet!  This may sound so silly, because I know that Scarlet is from what we know as France, but hearing Scarlet come alive through Rebecca, was just perfect!  Her voice for Levana...PERFECT!  So creepy!  I loved Fairest, but I am really curious to hear it on audiobook now!

I seriously got the chills listening in the car!

Overall Rating:

Really liked this one! I think one day I will actually read the book, but this was a great way to hear the story!  Normally I have liked to read the book first, and then listen to the audiobook, to get that different point of view, but first off, I am glad that I have been able to finally hear Winter's story, but also that Rebecca Soler was able to bring all these characters alive in such an incredible way!

Definitely recommend this series, and if you do not have the mind set to read, which I can understand, then listen to this audiobook!  I know they are expensive!  But if you go to your local library, they should have it, and if not, be able to order it for you!

Mandy @The Romance Bookie :)

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Starter Wife by Gigi Levangie Grazer (Audiobook)

Hey Everyone,

So I am going to be honest with you, I have not been reading.  I just started my last semester of university, I will graduating this May with my Bachelor's in Early Childhood Studies.  It has been an incredibly long journey, with many hardships, but I'm almost there.  My semester consists of work Monday through Friday, school two nights a week, and three days of student teaching a week to complete my 196 hours needed to graduate.  Week two just ended, and I will admit I'm tired.  So tired that I used a sick day from work today (SHHH...) and took a nap this afternoon.  I know, totally irresponsible, but it's been a rough few months, and it isn't going to get any easier anytime soon.  I just need to keep going, and if that means taking a couple off, on a slower day, then so be it.

But anyway, I drive a lot, I commute, and the car rides can get pretty dull.  So I went to the library last weekend, and borrowed a couple of their audiobooks!  I miss reading, but to be honest, I just haven't been in the mindset to be able to settle down and read a book.

I started off with something easier to settle into...The Starter Wife by Gigi Levangie Grazer.

From Goodreads:

There are starter jobs, starter car, starter houses, and then there are starter wives.  From the bestselling author of "Man-eater" comes "The Starter Wife," a sexy, savvy, and wickedly funny novel about life after divorce and one woman redefining herself after years of marriage to a Hollywood studio head.

When her husband Kenny dumps her by cell phone mere months before their ten-year wedding anniversary, Gracie Pollock finds herself reeling.  Though her nine-year role as the wife of a semi famous Hollywood studio executive often left her dry and she never fully embraced the "status" (according to Kenny), Gracie has grown accustomed to the unique privileges afforded by Tinseltown's brand of power and wealth: reservations at Spago on a Friday night; beauty treatments by dermatologists (Arnie), manicurists (Jessica), and colorists (Cristophe) to the stars; line-jumping at Disneyland with her daughter and Ugg-wearing celebrity offspring.  And despite the fact she had consented to name their daughter Jaden in a (failed) attempt to lure Will Smith to one of Kenny's productions, Gracie believed she and Kenny were different from other Hollywood couples.  She never thought she'd be a "starter wife."  But now that her marriage is over, her phone isn't ringing, her mailbox is empty, and it's only through faux pas by her world-class florist that she learns her husband has upgraded: Kenny is dating a pop tartlet.

With images of Kenny's 'tween queen everywhere she turns, Gracie seeks refuge at her best friend's Malibu mansion for some much-needed divorce therapy.  Soon she's associating with all the wrong people, including a mysterious hunk who saves her from drowning, the security guard at her gated community, and -- God forbid -- Kenny's boss, one of Hollywood's better known Lotharios.

With her signature wit, sassy style, and cameos of the rich and famous -- and wannabe rich and famous -- Gigi Grazer tackles the most delicious and dastardly details of a divorce and recovery, Hollywood style.

My Thoughts:

So I don't know if anyone remembers when USA (the TV Channel) came out with the TV show "The Starter Wife"?  Well that show was based on the book by Gigi Levangie Grazer.  Unfortunately the show was canceled after only ten episodes, which was a serious bummer, because my mom and I actually liked it!

But anyway, after all these years, I've always still wondered how the show was supposed to end!  So when I found The Starter Wife audiobook at my local library I ended up checking it out and listened to it on my commute to school.

Overall, it was okay to be honest.  The story was kind of a bit everywhere for me.  I think it may be partially because I listened to the audiobook versus reading the actual book.  I felt the lay out of the overall story was confusing, especially when listening to it.  At first, my cd's were messed up because out of nowhere it switched point-of-views, and there was no warning!  The whole first half of the book was in the point of view of Gracie, and then out of nowhere it switched into Sam's point-of-view!  When Sam's point-of-view happened, the reader had not even been fully introduced yet to Sam.  We didn't even know his name.  The chapters must not have names, because the transitions felt really weird.

Overall, the story was interesting.  Gracie was an interesting character, I was not a huge fan of her character's voice for the novel.  Gracie gave up everything to be a part of the 90210 world.  Everything, including her up-and-coming writing career, to be with her up-and-coming producer Hollywood husband.

I feel the tough part about audiobooks is you here the readers interpretation of a story, which might be different than what you might interpret it off as you read the book yourself.  Normally, I don't listen to audiobooks until after I have read a book myself, and given it my own interpretation.  But having no time to read, I've decided to give audiobooks more of a try.


Overall, The Starter Wife kept me entertained on my car rides to and from school and student teaching.  The transitions were a little confusing for me, because one second it would be about Gracie, and then out-of-nowhere it was about Sam.  I thought I had gotten a different audiobook in the mix!  I also felt the ending was a bit rushed, or far-fetched.  I don't want to give it away, but everything seemed to end pretty quickly and kind-of out of nowhere, in my opinion.

The Romance Bookie 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Boy is Back (ARC) by Meg Cabot and 2016, the year from HELL!

Hello Everyone,

I know I have been absent for a few months now, since the beginning of my school semester.  And while school has been keeping me busy, there have been other things that have happened in my life.

So before I go into my last review of 2016, I want to tell you guys something that has changed my life forever.

On Wednesday September 14th around 5:30 pm my entire world was turned upside down.  My dad, at the age 46, suffered from a major heart attack.  It happened at home, while my brother and him were working on a project together.  The ambulance came, and the paramedic were able to resuscitate him; but unfortunately the damage had been done.

On Thursday September 22nd, 2016 at 6:25 pm my dad died from brain damage, caused by the lack of oxygen during the heart attack.  My dad is my hero, and will always be.  He was the most hard working person I have ever met, and he has always inspired me to go after my dreams.

To say things have been hard is an understatement.  I find myself bursting into tears all the time at the smallest memories of my dad.  I want to talk to him one last time, even if it is in my dreams.  I miss him so unbelievably much.  Losing a parent sucks.  I know, not the best description, but really it sucks.  I find myself fighting for air, it feels like a piece of my chest has been ripped out, and constantly have the most awful feeling in my stomach.  It feels like someone has punched me.  In the past, when I got this feeling, I was able to change whatever was bothering me, but now...there is no way to change these awful feelings.

However, life must go on, no matter how hard, and I know my dad would have wanted us all to continue working hard and fighting for what we want.

Back in early May, my boyfriend of three years proposed.  He has been my biggest rock.  He was by my side 24/7 during the week my dad was in the hospital.  A god-awful experience that no one should EVER have to experience.  He has continued to be there through every tear and is always there to hear any memory that pops into my head.  My dad, my fiancé, and I had started planning our wedding.  We were about to put the deposit down for our February 2018 wedding.  We were going to do a giant family trip to Walt Disney World in Florida, spend an entire week together, and end it with the wedding ceremony in Epcot in the Japanese Tea Garden in the World Showcase.  My dad was so excited!  He was going to make an entire road trip for my mom and him out of it.

But now that will never happen.

Walking down the aisle without my dad, is impossible to imagine.  However, after everything that had happened there was one thing that truly sunk in.

Life is short and can end in an instant.

So on Tuesday October 4th, 2016  my fiancé and I; with his parents, my mom, brother, family friend Mark, and my aunt and uncle who were here from Germany to help with everything; got married in an outside ceremony at the county.  While it wasn't the wedding that neither him nor I ever imagined, it turned into an almost perfect moment.

On our way home that evening, after dinner, we drove past the beach, and over the Pacific Ocean coastline there was the most beautiful orange sunset I have ever seen.  Tears came into my eyes, because in that moment I just knew that my dad was watching over us and was happy and proud of Vincent and me.

Since then, we have found ourselves settling into the married life fairly easily.  He has been the only thing keeping me going through all of this.  He encouraged me to keep going to classes, and he helped me get through this semester while still continuing the accomplishment of straight A's.

But anyway, I wanted to let you all know, because for one, I wanted all the readers to know I really appreciate all the support this past six years.  December 12th, marked 6 years of the Romance Bookie!! SIX years!!  And while life has gotten crazy, and The Romance Bookie has slowed a bit, I still appreciate all the support in the past, present, and future!

If you or anyone you know wants to help in anyway, my mom and brother can use all the help possible to help pay for the upcoming hospital bills coming our way.  My dad unfortunately did not have any health insurance, and found out while he was in the hospital that just him staying in the ICU bed each night cost us $7,100 A NIGHT.  That does not include any of the medicine, the ambulance drive, the heart surgery my dad had, or any of the other procedures that occurred during my dad's stay.  A family friend set up a GoFundMe account to help us.  https://www.gofundme.com/jensreupsch.

While I know this is probably one of the most depressing posts ever, I did not want to end this year like this.  So I decided to end this post with a review from a book whose writer has continuously gotten me out of some hard times.  She was there for me in high school when all of my "friends" abandoned me, she made my first couple of years of college a little less lonely, and she was always there to make me smile through her words.

SO here is my review of Meg Cabot's latest release, The Boy Is Back, which was sent to me back in August, but which I never got a chance to read until now.

So Meg, if you happen to be reading this, thank you again for your support, and I hope I can still receive your books in the future, but if not, you know I will be first in line to buy my copy.

From Goodreads:

From New Yorks Times bestselling author Meg Cabot comes the sweetly humorous story of a man who has to face his past in order to find his future.
Sometimes to move forwards, you have to go back...

Sometimes to move forward, you have to go back...

One post. That's all it took to destroy the care free, glamorous life of pro golfer Reed Stewart.  One tiny post on the Internet.

Then again, it's not like Reed's been winning any tournaments lately, and his uncle isn't the only one who says it's because of the unfinished business he left behind back home in Bloomville, Indiana -- namely Reed's father, the Honorable Judge Richard P. Stewart, and the only girl Reed ever loved, Becky Flowers.

But Reed hasn't spoken to either his father or Becky in over a decade.  

Until that post on the Internet.  Suddenly, Reed's family has become a national laughingstock, his publicist won't stop calling, his siblings are begging for help, and Reed realizes he has no other choice: He's got to go home to face his past...the Judge and the girl he left behind.

Becky's worked hard to build her successful senior relocation business, but she's worked even harder to forget Reed Stewart ever existed -- which hasn't been easy, considering he's their hometown's golden boy, and all anyone ever talks about.  It was fine while they were thousands of miles apart, but now he's back in Bloomville.  She has absolutely no intention of seeing him -- until his family hires her to help save his parents.

Now Reed and Becky's can't avoid one another...or the memories of that one fateful night. 

Can the quirky residents of Bloomville bring these two young people back together, or will Reed and Becky continue to allow their pasts to deny them the future they deserve?

This warm, thought-provoking book, told entirely in texts, emails, and journal entries, is as much about the enduring bond of families as it is about second chances at love, and will delight as much as it entertains.

My Thoughts:

So it's been quite some time since a new book in The Boy Series, 2004 to be exact.  I read the first three books in the series quite some time ago, I want to say back in high school, but Becky and Reed did not disappoint!

When I first read this series, I remember being a little skeptical about whether or not I would like a book written in completely text messages, emails, and other forms of media.  I ended up loving it.  The stories flowed way better than I ever expected!  All questions were answered, the story was explained in a unique manner, while still being thorough!

The Boy is Back, released 12 years after the last novel in the series, brings back a continuation of the series, that can also be a stand-alone, to bring back the flirtatious form of writing we all grew to love with the Boy Series!

Becky, Reed, Marshall, and the other lovable characters bring to life the sense of humor that I have grown to love in Meg's writing over the past 12 years.

Overall Rating:

It's Meg Cabot...enough said!  Of course I would recommend anything by Meg Cabot in a heart beat!

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year, and I hope to be back in 2017!

Love from,
The Romance  Bookie 💜

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Perfect Panel of Authors by The Romance Bookie

Hello Everyone!

I know it has been a long while.  Things have happened in my life, that I will go further into detail in the next post.  But anyway, I was asked by Eventbrite to do a post where I describe my Perfect Panel of authors that I would love to see that a book event.  Dead or alive.

So to celebrate my just having finished my last assignment of my second-to-last semester before I receive my Bachelors Degree, I will be sharing with you my list!

The panel I would like to see is:

JK Rowling
Stephenie Meyer

I know I know, no Meg Cabot on this one.  But here's why:

These are last two big authors that I have not been able to meet.

Plus as much as some people do not like one of these author's books, I believe they would go good together for a panel, because they wrote two of the most popular phenomenons of all time.

Now I know there will be nay-sayers, but just keep something in mind...this is MY DREAM PANEL!  NOT YOURS!

I loved both of these series growing up!  Harry Potter I read throughout elementary, middle, and high school, until the last book came out my sophomore year.  And then Twilight came into play my senior year when I bought the first book at my school's book fair.

As much as some people have negative things to say about Twilight, and while yes, it isn't my number choice anymore, it will always hold a very special place in my heart, because that series got me out of some lonely times.

Meeting these two authors, would be achieving two goals on my list!  :)

The Romance Bookie